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ADVENTURES that nurture your mind, body, and spirit

A collective of world travelers, yogis, and coaches, ALO GUIDES offers "tastes of enlightenment" that inspire your journey towards goal achievement.

ALO GUIDES was founded by D O N  C A D O R A, a Meditation Coach, Marketing Executive, and Writer. Cadora is a world traveler and surfer. He's a Reiki Practitioner and Lifetime Student of Yi Chuan Kung Fu and Chi Gong Healing, having studied with several Buddhist teachers as well as in Western philosophical schools.

ALO GUIDES services include Live Healing Experiences, International Adventures, Meditation and Business Coaching.

Upcoming Retreats


Mystic Surf Camp - Costa Rica

Experience what National Geographic calls "The most biologically intense place on earth." SURF, GET ADVANCED MEDITATION COACHING, PRACTICE YOGA, EXPLORE RAINFORESTS, and experience ORGANIC CATERED MEALS in COSTA RICA.

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Meditation Training

ALO GUIDES offers comprehensive Meditation Coaching for individuals, businesses, and groups.


Meditation Coaching Programs

ALO offers comprehensive Meditation Coaching for individuals, businesses, and groups. Meditation Programs come to you prepared specifically to achieve your goals or those of your organization.

You won't find any gurus here. Although we've studied with some. We think of ourselves as Meditation Chefs—authorities in various meditation styles and practices that offer small "tastes of enlightenment".

Different situations call for different meditation recipes. In some cases you or your team may need to relax and let go. In other cases you may need the inspiration to mobilize behind your cause. For most of us, a subtle shift in perspective can make all the difference in the world. Any negativity you experience in life is, at the root, the result of the limit of your viewpoint.

For Individuals

Explore new states of minds. Clarify personal desires. Remove mental and emotional blocks to achieving your goals. Improve health by decreasing stress. Change perspective to improve relationships. Increase creativity and remove creative blocks. Build self-confidence. Sharpen your will.

For ORganizations

Take creative brainstorming to the next level. Clarify organization mission. Rally the troops behind company objective. Come up with creative solutions to complex problems. Release blocks that stifle collaboration and leverage the full potential of your organizations collective intelligence.

About Your Meditation Coach

Don Appears On SUPER DELUXE Series ALTERED STATES discussing "Lucidity" in Dreams & Life!

As a Chief Meditation Officer,  D O N  C A D O R A incorporates teachings from both Eastern & Western spiritual traditions.

Custom Meditation Programs stand out as a unique service, customized with a combination of intelligence and intuition. The result? Individual growth or organization catalysis.

“My approach to the role of leading meditation instruction is similar that of a chef, employing technical skill, a touch of artistry, and intuition. Think of our meditation programs as recipes or formulas. Different recipes suit different needs for individuals and groups.”  - Don, ALO GUIDES Founder

Clients include business people and corporations looking to optimize company mission, collaboration, and, of course, productivity. They also include regular folks looking for next steps in life, career, and self-knowledge.

Don’s meditation tools come from training with Buddhist Masters, Chi Gong Masters, and engaging in several Western Meditation and Healing Certification Programs.

Don has worked as a Marketing Executive and in Producer roles for innovators in international advertising, marketing, technology and media industries. He's also developed programming for international events featuring Global Heads of State, Presidents, and Prime Ministers.  

Don is a lifelong practitioner of an internal style of Kung Fu, Chi Gong, and Standing Meditation called Yi Chuan. Don is additionally Certified in the State of California as a Spiritual Counselor and Reiki Practitioner. He has a degree in English Literature from UC Berkeley with advanced coursework in Alternative Medicine, Technology, Media, and Journalism.

Don's role as an educator was cultivated as an International School Teacher and Business Language Educator in Europe. He acted as a Non-Profit Life Skills Coach for the developmentally disabled in San Francisco, and as Naturalist Educator for The Ocean Institute, in early years after graduating from UC Berkeley.

Don is an avid surfer, waterman, hiker, and world traveler—having lived in Spain, Sweden, France, and Japan.

Guided Meditation By ALO Guides

How To Start Meditating Now

We recommend starting with a simple meditation regimen of 5 minutes per day for those new to meditation. 20 minutes is an ideal meditation duration for most individuals, while 1 hour may be preferable to advanced practitioners.

If, at first, you can’t meditate, contemplation and quiet-time free of distractions will be a boon to your well-being. It even boosts productivity and clarifies priority action items on your to-do list.

Starting each day in meditation, with a journal by your side to take mental notes, is the perfect way to start the day. Business people get insights from meditation that they can apply to complex tasks or challenging situations. Anyone can inspired and find ways to navigate relationships and obstacles with a regular morning meditation practice.

Ask yourself a key question that will really move you forward—in life or business—each morning and your meditation is sure to inspire your day. And possibly your entire life!



Gain relaxation, invigoration, and the chance to discover a new perspective that benefits you long after the final wave.

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