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Get a personalized Meditation Program based on your own needs. A reading gauges your current life path against the background of your desires and potential. A healer doesn't do the work for you, but rather, creates a space for you to heal yourself. Intuitive reading offers you a clear perspective and reflection on what you're currently creating in life. Clarify goals, clear blocks, and program yourself for success in Life, Love, Relationships, and Creativity.

Business Readings


Business Reading are readings focused on strategic goals for existing businesses, not focusing on individual. These Intuitive Readings are filtered through real-life advanced business and marketing strategy consulting experience. Include strategy development, this service is set at high-end. (Business Strategy advice for existing businesses will not be given in personal readings.)


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How Are Our Readings Different?  

Most readings leave you to digest the information given and healing received without a roadmap to stabilize consciousness in your new desired state. You might fall back into old habits or stuck energy once you go back to “normal life”.

We start with a meditation to get you in the right state of mind to achieve your goals. Then we end with a custom meditation to keep you on the right track.

How do we come up with the meditation?

The meditation is intuitively drawn up from your current energy at the end of your reading and healing.

What does the reading and healing entail?

We start with the first chakra and corresponding energy layers. We end up at the final chakra, the crown chakra.

The first chakra is about survival, sex, and vitality. The second is about sexuality, emotions, and action. The third is about power, logic, and often money. The fourth chakra is about love and compassion. The fifth is about wisdom and communication. A block here can inhibit your freedom of expression, and thus freedom to be who you are. The sixth is about intuition, clairvoyance, and visionary connection to the universe at large. The seventh is a culmination of all other chakra and tells us the state of your current connection to your higher self and the universe.

As we rise through the chakra, we read pictures and vibrations. We balance

We clear energy blockages that are keeping you from achieving your goals using a combination of Reiki and other techniques proven to balance and dissipate negative distortions (blocks) in your mind/body/spirit complex.

We will also gauge your relationship to several concepts:

  • Clarity - Clear Mind & Being

  • Pattern - Organic Relationships (Matrix)

  • Duality (Opposites) - Your Ability To Release Judgement of Opposites In Your Life, Even As You Move Towards Your Highest Goals.

  • Positive Polarity - Your Ability To Live In Positivity, In Service To All (Others & Yourself).

  • True Richness Of Being - Your Ability To Attain Your True Desires Free Of Confusion & Martyrdom (That Which Would Keep You From Actively Fulfilling Your Needs). This includes distinguishing the desire of others from your own.

We finish with a meditation program that will get you through the next 3 months or longer, stabilizing your consciousness to truly manifest the changes you create in your reading, healing, and energy clearing.

The meditation may involve various techniques like visualization, awareness, mantras, breathwork, simple yogas, dream work recommendations, or feeling (psychosomatic) practices.

What You Get In A Reading

  • Personalized Meditation Program

  • Reiki Healing

  • Clearing Energy Blocks and Negative Mental/Emotional Distortions

  • Aura & Chakra Reading & Balancing

  • 3 Questions Answered & Next Steps

What You May Encounter

  • Untapped Potential

  • The Ability To Heal Yourself

  • New States of Consciousness

  • Release of Fear & Trauma Memory

  • The Clarity To Move Forward


We recommend starting with a simple meditation regimen of 5 minutes per day for those new to meditation. 20 minutes is an ideal meditation duration for most individuals, while 1 hour may be preferable to advanced practitioners.

If, at first, you can’t meditate, contemplation and quiet-time free of distractions will be a boon to your well-being.

Starting each day in meditation, with a journal by your side to take mental notes, is the perfect way to start the day. Business people get insights from meditation that they can apply to complex tasks or challenging situations. Anyone can inspired and find ways to navigate relationships and obstacles with a regular morning meditation practice.

Ask yourself a key question that will really move you forward—in life or business—each morning and your meditation is sure to inspire your day. And possibly your entire life!

About Your Intuitive Guide & Meditation Coach

As an Intuitive Guide and Meditation Coach, Don incorporates teachings from both Eastern & Western Spiritual Traditions.

Custom Meditation Programs stand out as a unique service, customized with a combination of both intelligence based on experience and intuition—for individual growth or organization catalization.

“My approach to the role of leading meditation instruction is similar that of a chef, employing technical skill, a touch of artistry, and intuition. Think of our meditation programs as recipes or formulas. Different recipes suit different needs, for individuals and groups.” - Don

Clients include business people and corporations looking to optimize company mission, collaboration, and of course productivity. They also include regular folks looking for next steps in life, love, career, and self-knowledge.

Don’s meditation tools and resources come from training with several Buddhist & Chi Gong Masters, and western spiritual organizations.

Don has worked as a Professional Psychic Skills Trainer (Berkeley Psychic Insitute) and Certified Reiki Practitioner.  A lifelong practitioner of an internal style of kung fu & Chi Gong called Yi Chuan, Don is additionally Certified in the State of California as a Spiritual Counselor. He has a degree in English Literature from UC Berkeley with advanced coursework in Alternative Medicine.

Don is a Marketing Executive and Producer roles in advertising, marketing, and media for well known international technology, entertainment, and non-profit brands. Don also worked as a school teacher, a life skills coach for the developmentally disabled, and a naturalist educator in early years.

Don is an avid surfer, waterman, hiker, and world traveler.

Stay tuned for “Mystic Surf Camp” our first International Retreat in an area of Costa Rica National Geographic calls “The Most Biologically Intense Place On Earth”. This retreat will feature organic catered meals, yoga, advanced meditation training, rainforest expeditions, sea turtle observation, and … surfing!